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Uptime-Power is a Florida-based corporation offering high quality products at extremely competitive prices for the past 20 years. In addition to the exceptional value we offer, we also strive to offer excellent customer service. Although we are an e-commerce business it is important for us to maintain the level of technical and customer support expected from a brick and mortar business. Most of our high value UPS's are stored here in our warehouse and every unit is tested before shipping. In addition, we ALWAYS warranty our units and extended warranties are available as well. Our belief is that any item worth selling is worth standing behind.

We have a broad knowledge base and are able to help you diagnose and fill your power quality needs. In addition to the long list of FAQ's posted, we are willing and able to answer any other questions you might have. If you have a special power need that cannot be filled by the products sold on this website, please contact us and we can almost always customize a solution. No job is too small or too big!

Purchasing any factory item from Uptime-Power is a no-risk venture. Your information will never be sold or released to third parties, and our site is secure. If you would prefer not to order on the Internet, you can also order over the phone by calling 1-800-741-8015. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all items. Your unit is under warranty from the date of purchase (length of warranty depends on the item - see warranty information here). Any defective units still under warranty will be replaced immediately - we'll simply mail you a new unit plus a call tag to ship the defective unit back or notify the manufacturer if the unit is under manufacturer's warranty. In addition, your hardware is protected by a Lifetime $25,000 Hardware Guarantee.

You, the customer, are our main concern. If we can help you in any way, by simply answering a question or by designing an entire network room, let us know. Let us be your comprehensive power protection provider. This is our commitment to you.

Return, Exchange, Cancellation and Warranty Policy

Please email, fax, or call us with your model and serial numbers and the symptom(s) of the problem. No returns or warranty replacements can be processed without an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number. This RMA number will be provided by Uptime-Power.
Email to support@powersupersite.com
Call (800)-741-8015

We offer a 100% 30-day money back guarantee on all new factory-sealed products. Customers may exchange their unit for one of equal or greater value within those 30 days. There is a 25% re-stocking fee on all opened merchandise, if in like new condition. Customer pays all shipping and handling fees on returns, exchanges or replacement of items, unless an authorized RMA has been issued to include shipping charges.
After 30 days, some items are not returnable for any reason. If you have a question about a particular item you intend to purchase, please contact a Uptime-Power salesperson prior to making your purchase.

All factory sealed "New" equipment has new factory warranty. Consumer should follow terms and conditions of factory warranties, warranty claims for new factory equipment should be made directly to the manufacturer. Warranty is subject to any and all conditions imposed by the manufacturer. Uptime-Power, will not be liable for any claims due to malfunctioning or damaged goods if the manufacturer is not responsible via their warranty specifications; however, Uptime-Power may assist the customer in negotiating a corrected end user ship date with the manufacturer. Certain manufacturers' extended prorated warranties require the end user to register the product within 30 days of purchase. Add the adhesive-backed warranty label to your UPS to facilitate gaining our assistance at a future time.

All factory 'OEM' or 'special' equipment is warranted for 2 years unless otherwise noted. All claims on 'OEM' or 'special' equipment should be made through Uptime-Power directly. Uptime-Power is responsible for upholding this warranty regardless of manufacturer limitations. Uptime-Power reserves the right to review all claims. This warranty does not include $25,000(+) hardware damage replacement warranties, which typically are lifetime warranties and will be presented to the manufacturer. All shipping charges will be paid by the customer, unless otherwise noted. As with the typical manufacturer's warranty, Uptime-Power is not obligated to provide an advanced exchange. Should we agree to provide an advanced exchange, the suspect unit must be returned within 15 days at customer's expense, or customer will be billed for the replacement unit.

All 'factory refurbished' weighing 150 lbs. or less are also typically warranted for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Certain exclusions may be noted at the time of purchase in your sales receipt, invoice, or amendments.

There are no returns or cancellations on used/pre-owned or auctioned equipment. Products are sold "as is" unless otherwise noted on receipt of sale or proven to be defective within seven business days of receiving product from Uptime-Power, Inc. We reserve the right to repair or replace the unit with an equal or better product of the same condition, quality, and features which may or may not be of the same brand label. Customer pays shipping and handling fees.

We offer a 30-day exchange policy on all refurbished or demo products weighing less than 150 lbs. provided a pre-arranged trade has been approved and RMA number assigned. Customer is responsible for shipping.

Warranties DO NOT include on-site service unless specifically noted in writing at the time of equipment sale. For products up to 250 lbs., the customer is responsible for proper shipping of the suspect equipment back to Uptime-Power. Uptime-Power will pay outbound freight for the replacement equipment to the customer. In the case of a customer requested exchange or upgrade to more expensive equipment, the customer is responsible for both inbound and outbound freight charges of product and a 15% re-stocking fee, unless otherwise noted in writing on the sales receipt at the time of sale.

Uptime-Power, Inc., provides extended warranties for sale on most products offered; however, these warranties must be purchased within 30 days of sale date. (Note: Serial numbers on products must be provided with an order to purchase an extended warranty unless it is ordered at the time of equipment purchase.) Typically extended warranties provide advance replacement of equipment with equal specifications; however, the customer is responsible for the shipping of the suspect unit back to Uptime-Power. Uptime-Power's liability is for ground freight only. Expedited freight methodologies, if desired, are at the customer's expense.

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