Eaton EX RT

11 kVA Frequency-converting UPS

The Eaton EX RT UPS is a UPS designed for sensitive high-density server environments and harsh industrial applications. Specifically engineered to meet demanding customer applications In IT systems, measuring instruments, PLCs and industrial PC markets, the EX RT is fully compatible with genset redundancy requirements in most instances. The manual bypass, hot-swap I/O box and intuitive LCD control panel are just a few of the many differentiating features that make the EX RT the ideal product for the 5-11 kVA power range.

High reliability and availability
● Internal static bypass
● Input/output (I/O) box with manual bypass

Industrial grade performance
● Large input voltage range without using battery power
● 40-70 Hz input frequency range
● Operating temperature: 0°-40°C permanently, 0°-45°C for eight hours
● Standalone solution with modular design for industrial needs

Optimized solution for infrastructure network integration
● Rack kit for an optimized mounting with 3U height per module
● Communications slot compatible with multiple communication card protocols
● Software application packages are fully customized
● Long backup time availability- up to 8 hours and UL924 listed solutions

● Warranty: Two years, parts and labor (US and Canada)
● On-site services available for startup, preventive maintenance and more
● Extended warranties available

The solution for high-density rack server enclosures and industrial environments

High availability
● Hot-swap battery and UPS modules prevent interruptions
● Internal and maintenance bypass are standard to achieve the highest level of availability
● Large input voltage window without using battery power
● Automatic battery test and protection against deep discharges

Compatibility with any environment

Data room
● Versatile rack or tower in 6U, including the power and battery modules
● Management through various protocols such as HTTP/SNMP/XML/Telnet ● Integration with popular network management systems like HP Openview, IBM Tivoli, CA Unicenter
● Integrated NEMA receptacles included with transformer configuration
● Optional rackmount PDU with NEMA or IEC sockets to facilitate power distribution within the enclosure

● Multilingual scrolling LCD front bezel control panel
● Simple setup on network or industrial mode permits system shutdown or service continuity in case of overload or short circuit
● Event log for easy fault detection

Battery backup
● Battery modules up to eight hours with the CLA* charger module
● Space saving battery connector cables and extra long battery cables for separate battery racks
● Battery detection system automatically configures battery modules and UPS
● UL 924 emergency lighting and equipment battery cabinets available (90-minute runtime)
*CLA for external battery cabinet only

High-end ergonomics
● Versatile 6U rack or tower design
● Multilingual LCD
● Two stands improve stability of the tower
● Up to fove extra battery modules to extend runtime up to two hours
● Voltage-free contacts are included for remote status monitoring

Industry and infrastructure
● Battery integration system optimizes the footprint of extended runtime solutions with automatic battery module
● Genset compatibility
● Integration with building management systems (Jbus), six voltage-free contacts for remote status monitoring
● Temperature and humidity supervision with an environment sensor triggers an orderly shutdown

Large choice of options to meet the customer needs
● Universal 3U transformer module: system earth arrangement, galvanic isolation for upstream and downstream UPS installation
● Battery integration system for optimized footprint: up to eight modules stacked on a caster kit-one UPS module, six EXB battery modules and one transformer module
● 3U CLA module for backup times up to eight hours

User-friendly installation and operation
● Load metering in kW/kVA is permanently displayed on the lCD
● Operating mode, battery capacity in percentage, voltage measurement, normal AC, bypass (separate AC), input/output, serial number and power rating identification are available by scrolling up or down
● Event logs and fault diagnostics facilitate maintenance and repair

Full customization through a configuration panel in Personal Solution-Pac
● CLA, hot standby, ECO mode, frequency converter setup
● Low battery, battery test frequency, disable deep discharge protection
● AC bypass input tolerance settings for: frequency, voltage-AC bypass transfer condition

Communications software and connectivity
● Power management suite (included) comes with network-based shutdown software (Windows, Linux, MacOS, VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V) and local or remote supervision up to five nodes
● Network Management Card (NMC) connects the UPS to an Ethernet 10/100 network, raising SNMP or XML alarms and supervising the UPS using a simple browser interface
● NMC environment sensor monitors the temperature, humidity and two realy contacts via SNMP or HTML
● Enterprise Power Manager supervisor provides comprehensive management of multiple UPSs and PDUs using a Windows PC (vendor neutral)
● NMS integration kits include HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli Netview, CA Unicenter, etc.
● Status information card monitors for voltage-free contacts and Remote Power Off (RPO) function
● NetWatch 5.0 software automatically shuts down UPS-protected devices, such as servers
● Event log for easy fault detection

Eaton customer service and support
● Flex and PowerTrust on-site services from factory-trained personnel for startup, preventive maintenance and more
● Extended warranty contracts available to provide up to five years of warranty coverage
● UPSgrade™ program for substitution of an old UPS (vendor neutral), includes the EX RT 5 kVA model

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Clear coat battery packaging with Hot-swappable I/O box and thru holes for diagnostic and testing